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Type 1
I'm not happy
Does it feel like you repeatedly attract the wrong partner? Are you constantly in relationships which drain you? Or lead to heartbreak? Are you desperate for things to change for the better, yet it never seems to happen? In this course, you will discover the unique methods to unlock your true self and start attracting the love you deserve.
Type 2
Heartbreak Magnet
Are you consistently unlucky in love? Have you experienced repeated heartbreak? Are you feeling like you’ll never find “the one”? It is so common for us to repeat patterns of behaviour and attract the same type of person into our lives, time after time, even if they are wrong for us. How can we change this? In this course, you will discover how to break free of the repetitive and limiting patterns that are controlling you and start attracting the love you deserve.
Type 3
Serial On-line dater
Do you feel like technology has made finding love harder, rather than easier? Does the thought of spending time going out and finding love online or through constant dating frustrate you? Do you wonder if there’s any easier way? There is. In this course, you will learn how to magnetise love to you, by dissolving all unconscious barriers that are keeping it away, and by forming a deep soulful relationship with yourself so you attract the same in a partner. We will go through my unique 5-step system which will teach you how to attract and keep your perfect partner for life.
Type 4
Is your relationship feeling stale or boring?
Does it seem like your partner has become your flatmate?
Do you miss the romance, date nights and intimacy?
Are you worried you’ll never get any of that back?
In this course, you’ll learn the secrets of deep soulful love, the power of being vulnerable to get your spark back, and how to clear communication helps your love continue to deepen.